FAST Channel Distribution

FAST Channel Distribution from View TV allows channels and platforms to work together with ease allowing channels to deal with a single partner for distribution and each OTT platform or Smart TV Platform to deal with a single partner and single process.

FAST Channel Distribution for FAST Channel Owners

If you have a FAST Channel ready for distribution then the FAST channel Network can help you get everywhere with the right deals and the right monetization.

How do I get my FAST Channel Distributed?

If you have an existing FAST Channel which has been built on Playout Software then you need to be able to get an SRT, RIST, or sometimes we will accept an HLS Stream if we can transcode the feedback to a broadcast standard.

All channels should have 8-12 minutes of ad breaks across 4 ad breaks per hour and should resemble TV with a respectable XMLTV EPG with full metadata available.

FAST Channels Network from View TV does not charge you a fixed fee or take a revenue share from your earnings from the distribution of your channels

FAST Channel Distribution Team

Cloudie TV can provide the ability to rebuild your channel as a separate B Channel with guaranteed compliance with the various platforms but in the cases of Amagi, TVU, and Cinegy channels all can provide a substantial SRT feed.

Once you have your master stream feed, XMLTV EPG, and your full synopsis on your brand and channel, then contact us here at the View TV FAST Channels team and we will check and add the channel to our bi-weekly channel announcement list to all of the platforms.

How much do FAST Channels take for Channel Distribution?

Unlike other FAST Channel distribution agencies, View TV understands that Content is King and if you have created your channel well, it is available in multiple countries and it is of a high quality that most platforms would love to entertain taking your channel via the View TV Broadcast CDN.

We do not charge each channel to be listed per year on the FAST Channel Distribution Programme, we cover transcoding, monitoring, and listing on the FAST Channel Network website, and we charge $0.05/hour delivered fully inclusive of all SSAI, CDN, Transcode, and Monitoring which is charged directly to you or in a lot of cases is covered by the platform.

How much of the advertising is filled?

FAST Channels fills 100% of the channel’s ad inventory to provide a backfill for platforms or a backfill for internal channel ad sales and our partner, Addressably, charges 20% of all advertising successfully filled by their team.

How FAST can I get a channel on an OTT or Smart TV Platform?

We can add any channel that is compliant with Kapang in the UK, USA, or other covered countries within a few days of the live stream and data being available. As Kapang is our sister company we are able to expedite the onboarding process of a FAST Channel.

We will provide an 80/20 net revenue share in your favour on Kapang and this will enable any channel to start monetizing once their channel is created and aid, various playout providers, to get their channels to everyone FAST.

Once the channel is on Kapang and the FAST Channels Network site we will announce the availability of the channel to all of the platforms enabling them to view, test, and contract with FAST Channels Network with your channel as an extension of their existing agreement to speed up the overall process.

How much FAST Revenue Share will I get from the OTT Platforms & Smart TV Platforms?

FAST Channels Network and View TV understand the costs of content and FAST channel playout curation so we are here to fight the case for all channels to get a fair and sustainable revenue for them to have the value of listing your channel and jointly earning revenues from the relationship.

We work on the basis of getting minimum revenue earnings, a revenue share of between 50% and 80% of earnings depending on the quality of the channel and the demand and specification across the global market.

Which Platforms will my channel go on?

We have a list of platforms that already take our FAST channel distribution but we are increasing this every day and we are more than happy to represent you on new platforms as you are approached for continuity.

Please find a list of the common platforms people like to be listed on, but please note that we do not make any promises on any platforms other than Kapang.